Work With Ritual.

Learn how to create simple Rituals to achieve Abundance, Fertility and Health immediately using the Ritual Basics Mini Course.


It's Not Just Woo Woo...

Ritual Magic works.  Menstruating folks have worked with the tools of Ritual for millennia, calling in more Abundance, Conceiving their children, and bringing renewed Life to weary bodies.


Using this Ritual Protocol, I consciously conceived both of my children.


There is no question that when your mind is aligned with your will, and your energy is clear, this will work for you too.

Work with the Lunar Phases

Magic and Ritual can be as simple as learning how to articulate your intention properly; and knowing which element or lunar phase is needed in order to turn your dreams into reality.

Conjure with Integrity

Ritual is not about making things happen, or getting what you want at the expense of others or your environment. It’s a regular act of prayer and offering. A payment through praise and dignity in reciprocity. Working with your subconscious mind to flow with the river of Life.

In This Course, You Will Learn:


Understand the language of symbols and archetypes through the act of performing Ritual.


Create effective boundaries for your space so that your work and intention may be clear and protected.


Perform a manifestation ritual linked to the lunar phases that anyone can do at home, to call in your heart's desire.

Your Altar

Create and maintain an altar to act as the point of orientation for all your ritual work.


Honor your lineage and your ancestors and understand how that creates connection to your own magic.

Moon Magic

Learn how you can harness the phases of the Moon to amplify your ritual intention and manifest your dreams with Moon Mojo.

Ritual Basics Mini Course

Learn Ritual. Conceive the Projects, Artworks and Babies that your Heat Desires.

$13/one time payment

It is rare to find an energy-worker that is both gentle and compassionate while being capable of creating the necessary shifts that we all need help with. After every session I was left with a deep feeling of purpose and groundness. Deslee helped me create real and sustainable change in my energy and my life!


Before working with Deslee, I was feeling depleted and scattered. Deslee helped to bring balance back to my life and to my health and planted the seeds for self-care and healing that has led me not only on my own healing journey, but also on the path to pursue my current studies in holistic health.


Deslee helped me breakdown my walls, become vulnerable and relax; within a few sessions, I was pregnant naturally. I would recommend her to anyone looking for support. She creates a warm and loving space for you to do the deeper work to connect your heart and mind with simple tools and exercises that actually work


About your teacher, Deslee Denne:

Deslee has a background education in Kinesiology, Coaching, Nutrition, Disease Rehabilitation, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ancient Daoist Healing Mysteries. Further to this, Deslee spent time living in the Amazon and the Andes in South America, learning from the Grandmothers there, and directly from the Plants themselves; initiating into Divine Service work with Mother Nature.

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