Hello! I'm

Plant Priestess and Wild Witch.

  • Ritual Basics Mini Course

  • If you’ve always been curious about working with Ritual or Ceremony,  but unsure where to start, this is for you! A downloadable mini course to teach you how to use symbology and manifestation.

  • Intuitive Plant Medicines for Menstruators

  • Witch School for Menstruators! Learn how to commune with Plant Spirits and use your intuition to heal yourself with Plant Medicines.

  • 1-1 Intensives

  • An 8 week program designed to help you solve any period or fertility issue you are facing ; by making  accessible changes to your relationship to food, exercise, breathing, plant medicines, energy and ritual

A Little Bit About Deslee:

What People Are Saying:

I was told by doctors that I would not be able to conceive without surgery.

Deslee helped me breakdown walls and become vulnerable and relax. Within a few sessions I was pregnant naturally. I would recommend Deslee to anyone looking for support.


- Monica

Deslee is one of those rare healers.

It's rare to find a healer that is both gentle and compassionate, while being capable of creating the necessary shifts that we all need help with. After every session I was left with a deep feeling of purpose and grounding. Deslee helped me create real and sustainable change in my energy and my life.

Deslee Transformed my health!

Before receiving treatments from Deslee, I was feeling depleted and scattered. Deslee helped to bring balance back to my life and to my health. She planted the seeds for self care and healing that has led me not only on my own healing journey, but also on the path to persue my current studies in holistic health.